My First Cover!

Twins Cover Front

Received my First Ever Cover!

It’s a fantastic feeling having something tangible to represent all the long hours of hard work. The twins in this book are two of my favorite characters. Kayden and Jayden are feisty and rambunctious – (as a lot of little boys are) –  but come complete with hearts bigger than those of ten men put together. The two cutie pies on this cover fit the bill perfectly!

It’s a good day, y’all!  🙂

Here’s the blurb:


Cissy Henley is stranded in rural Georgia with her two orphaned nephews, no money and no job. When they’re rescued by a white knight in a Stetson, Cissy knows their stay at Dominic Slade’s family ranch is temporary…even if her growing feelings for the wandering cowboy aren’t.

Raintree Ranch was supposed to be a pit stop before Dominic hit the road again. Instead, Cissy and her pint-size twin boys are tempting the champion bull rider to reconnect with his roots and his family. But can he give up the life he knows to be the loving husband and father Cissy deserves?


Author of contemporary romance.

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